I work with HR leaders looking for a strategic partner to support them in developing leaders who can inspire, lead and succeed in today’s complex world.
You’re responsible for your organisation’s people and culture and design HR strategies and interventions for talent, leadership and team development.

You love what you do, and you’re good at it, but the world of work is changing fast. You need to keep ahead of the game while taking changes in your stride. You navigate and juggle between the day-to-day, more tactical activities and your role’s strategic and long-term focus.

You are looking to strengthen your positioning as a strategic partner to your business, enabling you to contribute to your company’s overall success and positively impact your people, culture and bottom line. Prominent themes include talent development and retention, new ways of working and organisational and market changes, the effects of a global pandemic, hiring and onboarding in a hybrid world, culture and business transformations, a multi-generation workforce and fostering good mental health. This is keeping you pretty busy!

The interventions we co-design with you and your leaders are here to support you and your people in keeping up with internal and external demands and the swift pace of change, preparing your leaders for tomorrow as the demands on HR and business leaders become ever more complex and

Our transformational leadership coaching and training support SMEs and large international corporations undergoing significant cultural and structural transformations and growth, which demand a transformation of your leadership culture towards a more agile, relationship and purpose-oriented, creative and adaptive approach to leadership.

1:1 coaching for leaders

The leaders I coach are on a personal journey to use inner work (self-leadership) to transform their impact in the world, so my individual and leadership development programmes and workshops catalyse change, creating purpose-driven leaders and strong, cohesive and aligned teams.

Your top talent will have time and space to grow into the leaders they want to be and to strengthen their leadership capabilities for the future.

They’ll gain clarity on their why and will re-energise and be inspired to be more adaptive, creative and resourceful in how they lead.

“New responsibilities, conflict, and constant pressure had knocked me off balance. I had lost my focus and was under a lot of stress. Michael calmly assessed the situation and armed me with the tools to come out of the emergency. We then methodically worked out how and why I do what I do. This new awareness has helped me become better at my job and allowed me to focus on my goals with renewed energy.”

M.P., Professor – Department of Physics, University of Basel, Switzerland

Coaching for Teams

(Collective Leadership)

Often global teams need help working together effectively as they face challenges with decision-making, running initiatives across borders, collaborating, having cohesive goals and creating a high-performing team identity built on trust, strong relationships, mutual accountability and commitment.

Working with a network of trusted coaches, consultants and trainers across Europe, we design and facilitate tailor-made workshops and programmes which enhance team engagement, positivity and productivity. We’ll support your leaders in navigating change, connecting with vision and purpose, leveraging diversity, creating alignment and collaboration and building robust, intelligent, resilient teams.

Leadership Development

We design and deliver collaborative leadership development programmes and training for organisations wanting to support their internal talent of leaders to thrive in an increasingly complex world.
Together with a network of partners and your organisation, we co-create and deliver customised transformational leadership development programmes and training.

Our work is deeply rooted in and inspired by proven and well-researched models and theories in the areas of vertical development (Adult Development Theory by Robert Kegan et al. Harvard), Neuroscience, Leadership research, Immunity to Change, Co-Active Coaching (The Co-Active Training Institute), integral theory, The Enneagram for Business, the Leadership Circle Profile 360, the Collective Leadership Assessment by Leadership Circle, Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching by CRR Global and others.