I work with purpose-driven leaders, helping them find their personal power through inner work on the level of heart, mind and will so they can have a more significant impact on their world.

The world’s a tough place right now, and leaders like you are facing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity and the challenges that this brings on a global scale. Organisational change, culture transformation, new ways of working, agility, budget challenges, the after-effects of a global pandemic – the list goes on and on…

It’s tempting to assume that we can think or act our way out of these challenges, but experience teaches us that this can only take us so far.

My view? When the world changes, we must change and adapt to it.

Today’s most successful leaders work on self-awareness and emotional intelligence, bringing their hearts along with their minds and will.

This way of working – deep diving into ourselves – enables us to grow, self-actualise and become better equipped to handle the leadership (and life) challenges we’re experiencing.

“Michael’s coaching helped me gain so much confidence that sometimes I feel like I can move the world! The people around me noticed the positive changes in me after just a few sessions.”

O.A., Director, London, UK.

Leadership development is a lifelong journey of personal growth, conscious reflection and practice.
My programmes for individuals, teams and organisations offer a developmental and adaptive approach that helps leaders see themselves and the world through new eyes, thus transforming their views of the complex reality in which they lead and live.
Together, we’ll tend to your inner fire, find your clarity and purpose, and challenge and integrate your self-perceived (often unconscious) limitations. We’ll refine your leadership practice and see you grow into your power by empowering and developing your team as you move to the next stage of your leadership journey.

Together we’ll discover your inner drivers, strengths and gifts and, on the other side, what’s (often unconsciously) holding you back, giving you space and time to understand and challenge how you think, feel and act and releasing the untapped potential in your mind, heart and will.

Together, we’ll develop and expand your “inner operating system” so you can deal with the complexities of life, think bigger and more long-term and unleash the energy to create good things for you, your team, your organisation, the people in your personal life and your community.

Where there is uncertainty, we’ll find intention.
Where there is fear, we’ll find courage.
Where there is confusion, we’ll find clarity.

I’ll challenge, champion and support you as you become more skilled at leading yourself and empowering your team and your organisation. You’ll leave our first session stimulated by the thought of finding your untapped potential and energy.

You’ll leave our sessions feeling energised, empowered and able to act with a sense of authentic purpose.

You’ll leave our time together better able to lead, develop and empower your people and teams with an approach based on trust, shared accountability, commitment, transparency, vision and a common purpose so that you can achieve great things together.

Leadership coaching is designed for leaders who want to grow and develop, rediscover their why, advance their careers and live their life with passion and purpose. Coaching will allow you to discuss challenges and dilemmas in your daily life and career that pressure you.

You’ll learn to make sense of complexity, gain new perspectives and develop as a human being, becoming a more effective, balanced, resilient and impactful leader.