I work with purpose-driven leaders, helping them find their personal power through inner work on the level of heart, mind and will so they can have a more significant impact on their world.

Most of my entrepreneurial clients feel their business has grown faster than their ability to lead authentically.
Most want themselves and their business to significantly impact other people and society as a whole.
But many need help rising above the day-to-day challenge of running a busy, growing business so they can lead with ease and create the outcomes that matter most to themselves, their teams, their customers, their partners and their communities.

My programmes for individuals, teams and organisations offer a developmental and adaptive approach that helps leaders see themselves and the world through new eyes and, thus, transform their views of the complex reality in which they lead and live.

The path to greater success starts with looking inwards and doing the deeper work which enables you to have a more significant impact.

Together we’ll discover your strengths and gifts and, on the other side, explore the (often unconsciously held) beliefs and assumptions that are limiting you from being your best self.

Together we’ll reflect, rediscover your why and harness your energy, inner drivers and resources so you can continue to create good things in your life and your teams, clients, customers and communities.

Together we’ll work with your mind, heart and will to power a more sophisticated approach to leadership which allows you to navigate complex situations with grace and authenticity.

You’ll get the space and time to understand and challenge how you think, feel and act, releasing the untapped potential in your mind, heart and will. This will help you to grow in self-confidence and clarity, think bigger and more long-term and evolve into the authentic, conscious leader you want to be.

“Looking back on this exciting journey, it allowed me to get to a higher level of awareness for myself, my social environment and my business environment. It sharpened my clarity and determination, and I dared to start new and exciting things in the business environment and life.”

R.H., CEO of life science / pharmaceutical company, Basel, Switzerland.

My entrepreneur leadership coaching is designed for purpose-driven start-ups looking for bespoke coaching for leaders and leadership teams. Together we’ll go down a path towards more balanced and influential leadership, leaving you with greater mental fitness and resilience, inner joy, a sense of accomplishment and success, and the ability to live and work more easily.