I coach and inspire purpose-driven leaders and teams so they can positively impact their lives, the lives of their families and communities, their organisations and the world.

Before we start working together, we’ll arrange a complimentary chemistry session to get to know each other.
In this session, you can ask questions about me, my background, my process and the programmes I create.
We’ll discuss any areas in which you need particular support and how I can best support you on your journey.

We can speak Swiss German, German or English.

I’m happy to meet in my office or online on Zoom or Teams.

To arrange your session, please get in touch with me today.

Michael Bieder Coaching
Office: +41 61 383 05 05
Address: Steinenvorstadt 24, 4051 Basel
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“With Michi’s friendly manner combined with his cheerful personality, it is a lot of fun to reflect on yourself and take a new path!”

A.L., Controller turned Entrepreneur, Basel, Switzerland