I work with purpose-driven leaders, helping them find their personal power through inner work on the level of heart, mind and will so they can have a more significant impact on their world.

career journey


I started working with a career coach in 2014, almost 20 years into my career in logistics and supply chain management.

Until that point, my career journey had taken me from an apprenticeship in freight forwarding (aged 16) to studying Business Administration to working at one of the largest Pharma companies in the world, where I lead global cross-functional teams and projects across product life cycles and value chains.

Since my career began, I’d always been curious about and inspired by what motivates, drives and inspires people. I wanted to learn how it was possible to foster an environment where people thrive by bringing their best selves to work. I wanted to know how to align a team behind shared goals and a purpose. I wanted to empower people to enjoy working with each other while creating outcomes that matter.

We discussed how I’d loved elements of all my roles but particularly enjoyed cross-functional leadership and working with culturally and geographically diverse teams.

My coach took me through a process which uncovered my strengths, clarifying what I am good at, what I enjoy and what I find fulfilling and where I could make a difference. He listened carefully, asked me questions and gave me space to think and feel.

I shared that losing my mum at an early age and having years of therapy deepened my desire to understand myself and others and support others so I could help them grow and thrive. I slowly realised that I wanted to live a meaningful and rewarding life and positively impact the world and other people, leaving a meaningful legacy.

Over weeks, we explored my hidden potential, what’s important to me and what drives and motivates me. After much discussion, he suggested that becoming a coach could be my next career step. I have to admit, I wasn’t entirely sure what that was.

A few months later, I accepted voluntary redundancy and decided to travel for a while and reflect on my next career move. I knew I wanted a change but didn’t know what this might look like.

On my back but looking forward

After a trip to Central and South America and some emergency back surgery in Colombia (a long story), I researched, signed up for and started a coaching training programme. I quickly realised that I’d found my vocation, purpose and mission. Coaching felt like my calling, like coming home.

I built my business during my coach certification programme, started taking on clients and worked part-time as an internal coach at my former company.

A while later, I took an intense, year-long Leadership Programme which led to a profound experience that changed my life. I started identifying and overcoming unconscious limiting beliefs and assumptions, accessed my creative power and realised that humans have so much untapped potential. I learned how to claim my space in the world.

These elements all became and remain key themes in my work as I help my clients get to know themselves, uncover even more of their inherent potential and realise how powerful they can be.

The power of coaching as my journey continues

Being coached is imperative for me as it offers me fresh perspectives, someone to challenge my thinking and support me in taking the next leap in my personal and professional development.

Thanks to the coaches and mentors I’ve worked with, I’ve found inner strength, clarity and the confidence to put light and play into my work.

I continue to have regular sessions with my coach, who helps me reflect, grow, shift perspectives, set ambitious goals and make things happen.

I remain passionate about my work and about helping leaders to thrive and have a positive impact on the world.

Having lived and worked in Switzerland, Greece and the USA, I am now based in my hometown – Basel, Switzerland. I am Swiss born and raised, and I work in Swiss German, German, English and I also speak a bit of “rusty” French and Spanish.

How can I support you on your journey?



I co-create spaces for people who wish to unleash their energy and potential and unearth their life’s purpose so they can create a thriving and sustainable future for our planet and humanity.


A world full of conscious and courageous leaders who take responsibility for stewarding our planet to create a peaceful and harmonious place, uniting people and the earth, and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.


I work with purpose-driven leaders and teams, helping them to unleash their energy and potential so they can thrive in all areas of their lives and, in turn, inspire and empower others to do the same.


Everything I do comes from a place of integrity, compassion, courage, positivity and care. My values are freedom, partnership and collaboration, learning and personal growth, making a difference and having a positive impact.


I’m a Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and am accredited by the following bodies:

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), CTI – The Co-Active Training Institute

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Leadership Program graduate, CTI – The Co-Active Training Institute

Certified Practitioner of The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment & Collective Leadership Assessment, The Leadership Circle

Trained Team Coach, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), CRR Global
Integrative Enneagram, Accredited Practitioner, Integrative9

Trained Immunity to Change Facilitator, Minds at Work

Growth Edge Coaching series, Cultivating Leadership


I work as a leadership coach, senior consultant or mentor with the following organisations:

  • European Center for Leadership Practice, NL-Bloemendaal (Leadership Coach for Leadership Programmes)
  • Primeast Ltd, GB-Harrogate (Leadership Coach and Senior Consultant for Leadership programmes)
  • Leadership Circle Europe (Coach & Mentor of the Certification Programme)

To better deliver some leadership development programmes and team workshops, I sometimes work with several highly trusted colleagues.


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